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Thu. Jun 11th 2020
Hickory Tavern Fire Department will hold it's annual community meeting on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 7 pm. We hope that everyone in the Hickory Tavern Community comes out to learn about the current...
Thu. Apr 6th 2017
April 27th 1900 at WLFD , May 27th 0830 at Pitts Park , June 17th 0830 Powerhouse , August 4th 1830 Pitts park night training
Thu. Jul 21st 2016
Two of our firefighters are wrapping up a EMT-B certification. Congratulations to firefighters Jessy Talbert and Katie Patterson.
Thu. Oct 22nd 2015
Congratulations to Jessy Talbert on completion of Pump operations 2, Katie Patterson on completion of Firefighter 1 and Chief Lance Roper on completion of fire chief 3.
Thu. Aug 20th 2015
Members of HTFD have completed more SCFA classes over the past several weeks.Billy Whitt completes NFPA Firefighter I -Steve Johnson and Katie Patterson complete Hazmat operations -Chief Lance Roper c...
2016 2005 Dodge 3500 4X4
300 gal water tank with 20 gal foam. 18hp hale gasoline pump, assorted forestry hand tools, chainsaw, 15k lbs winch.
2015 Dodge Ram 5500
2012 KME / Kenworth
1250 poly tank, 1500 gpm hale Qmax pump, rescue body with FRC lighting. 1200' 5'' supply, 400' 2 1/2'' attack with blitzfire, 2 speed lays with 200' 1 3/4'' attack lines with TFT nozzles, 4 scott SCBA with spare cylinders, MSA 5200 HD thermal camera, K-12 saw, chainsaw, cribbing, TFT extend a gun, Res-Q-Jacks steel X-strut set, RIT bag, Assorted hand tools, PPF, Booster reel, 15 gal class B foam, Stokes basket, TFT pro foam pack, Hose clamps, Assorted adapters and couplings, Hurst set with MOC II combo, Cutter and ram, Tac Stick, Heat gun, Hand lights, Assorted extinguishers, generator and front discharge with 100' angus rubber 1 1/2'' hose with combination nozzle.
2004 FES / Kenworth
2000 gal tank, 250 gpm pump, 3 scott 2.2 air packs, 2 spare cylinders, dump tank, hand lights, 2 1 3/4'' cross lays, 800' supply hose, 15 gal class A foam, assorted appliances and adapters
1988 GMC / Engine
1000 gpm pump, 1000 gal tank, 400' 1 3/4'' attack lines, 1200' 3'' hose, 500' 2 1/2'' atteck lines with blitz fire nozzle, 20 gals class A foam, booster reel, akron scene lights, assorted appliances and adapters, assorted hand tools and forcible entry tools, 4 scott 2.2 air packs and 4 spare cylinders, chainsaw, PPF, generator, hose clamp, hose jackets, ladders, assorted nozzels, medical bag, hand lights,heat gun, hard suction hoses, extinguishers, Thermal camera

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